Orchids in the Glasshouse

Orchids in the Glasshouse

Monday was spent with Mammasaurus, Ozzy and Kitty at RHS Wisley. We had the most wonderful day and it was gloriously sunny to boot. POD explored the gardens, watched fish and jumped a lot. But what she loved most of all was making friends.

We timed our visit with Wisley’s annual orchid display so the cathedral-like Glasshouse was our first stop. It always feels like a sense of calm washes over you when you enter it. The sound of the waterfall is immense and that’s before you take in your jungle-like surroundings. There are three interlinked temperature zones – dry, moist and tropical.

Having passed the spectacular display of cacti, we hit the tropical zone which can reach temperatures of 30 degrees. We were able to take in all the colour and the amazing displays while our lenses accclimatised.

There were orchids all around us, even hanging from above. It was the most beautiful sight and a great way to kick off our day after we’d checked out fish, ducks and giant buttercups. The Glasshouse never fails to impress with its impressive plant collection which includes rare and endangered species.

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