ooh... ahh...

ooh... ahh...

Last night we went to our local firework display, held in the town park.

The 'bonfire' was lit at 6.45pm. I have to admit it was slightly odd to see a huge pile of pallets on fire in the middle of the park... not quite what I remember from when I was a child but I suppose it was technically a bonfire of sorts.

Children danced in the darkness with their sparklers and glow sticks, high on sugar and excitement. Blood curdling screams were plentiful, originating from the funfair rides in the distance.

At 7.15pm the fireworks started. Each one seemingly brighter and more spectacular than the last. The night sky glowed with colour, each firework greeted with the customary 'ooh' or 'ahh'.

We went home very happy indeed.

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