Onwards To Becoming A Fit Mom!

Onwards To Becoming A Fit Mom!

I am on my week 3 of Body Conditioning and I feel like my entire torso is about to be 'dismantled', yes I choose to the word dismantled because I feel like a perkakas rumah (furniture) that is about to fall apart. I am so unfit, it is not funny. 3 sets of 20 and by the 3rd set my body is already all wobbly and I got all light headed and feel like vomiting! Of course I was disheartened by my level of fitness. Considering my age and the length of time I was away from being all active, serve me right. Ok except my age part, I deserve being 35 (hint birthday on the 26th January hint) ok hwahawhwahwhaw.

Imagine after all the squats with 5kg weights each hand, lunges and sumo squats, chest press, leg up touch crunch (all 3 sets of 20 ok!), I only lose 100g!!!

BODY! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME BODY!!! *rolls around the floor crying* I am still at my 59kg.

OK I blame my anti-depressants. I swear it is pulling my weight -lost back!

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