#oneword Me, myself and I

#oneword Me, myself and I

Could you describe yourself in one word? It's a challenge doing the rounds right now - I found it over at Steph Curtis' gorgeous blog Steph's Two Girls, and I just couldn't pass it by ....

Awkward. Because I don't fit in anywhere. Grew up in Wales, born in England and living in Ireland.

Awkward socially. Networking events are the stuff of nightmares to me. In fact any new social situation is very stressful to me.

Awkward. When I realise I've completely misjudged the type of comment that is expected on a Facebook update or a blog post.

Awkward politically. I don't know who to vote for, but I can't just leave things go if I don't agree with them. I'm that awkward mum you see marching down O'Connell Street against cuts to this and levies on that.

Awkward. Words come out wrong and people don't forget. When I know I've said the wrong thing and try and cover it up and just make things worse.

Awkward. When I crash into things. Worse when sleep-deprived.

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