One (Wo)Man Pest Buster Show

One (Wo)Man Pest Buster Show

I laid back on the sanitised bed, listening to the whirring sound of the washing machine in the background and my little miss snoring beside me.

This will be a whiny post because hey that's what I do best nowadays, whine and moan and be a pondan about the situation.

I haven't get a proper wink since last night's bed bug incident yet here I am wide awake albeit a little zombiefied (i wonder if zombies wait for their laundries in the middle of the night) waiting for the next batch of laundry to be sanitised, thrown into the washing machine with its temperature set at 90 degree and hopefully to spin dry whatever that may be stuck on the materials, dead. I am sure the electric bill won't be too kind on us either this month. I have also soaked the bedsheets in hot water eversince I got back from work earlier on.

We interrupt this program with me catching a bug running across the wall 5 seconds ago. Oh wells, I've just scotchtaped it to death.

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