One Week: Winter 2014: Joy

mumturnedmom: One Week: Winter 2014: Joy

Despite the cold, despite the snow; despite the polar vortex! Despite the cold toes, the icy fingers and the frozen noses. Despite all of that; this winter has been full of joy. Sledges and snowmen and igloos; Snow painting, potions and snowballs! Snow days! The cries of no school, yay echoing through the house. Snow falling, light and sparkly or thick and fast. So pretty, so much, so deep. Proper snow! Watching the snow ploughs; snow flowing in front like a wave; crashing to shore at the kerb. Snow banks as tall as the 4yo! Children helping with snow clearing; piling it higher and higher. Neighborhood cheer, all hands on deck. Shovels at the ready; look at us mummy, look what we’ve done.

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