One Week: Winter 2014: Acceptance

mumturnedmom: One Week: Winter 2014: Acceptance

I will not lie, I am not a huge fan of the snow. Last year, when Nemo hit, dumping almost three feet of snow on us in 24 hours, I fought the snow; I couldn’t accept that I had to change my daily routines, that I needed to drive more, walk less. I certainly did not look on it as a fun thing.

It took me completely by surprise. That much snow just wasn’t imaginable. I had no idea how to deal with it and I found it impossible to just go with it. Having arrived during a long, hot summer and enjoyed an equally long and pleasant autumn; I was not ready to find myself snowed in to my house. I kid you not, my husband had to dig us out! This year, we haven’t had a storm quite like Nemo; but the snow has been a constant companion to our days. The first serious snow fall happened just before Christmas, then just after Christmas then just after New Year…! And, well, it hasn’t really stopped since!

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