One Photo

When I got asked the other day if Boo looked like Rhianna I came straight home got a photo of Boo at 6 months and a photo of Baba at six months and put them together, just to see how alike they really were. It was an amazing likeness, literally like twins just five years apart.

And then I cried.

Because I can’t tell if you Boo looks like Rhianna at 6 months

Or if Rhianna looks like Baba at 6 months.

I can’t tell you if they all looked alike at five months, four, three, two or one.

I can’t tell you whether they look similar at three, two or one week old.

Because I don’t know

I have no clue, I can guess, but I really don’t know.

I don’t know whether her eyes would be blue like Baba’s or hazel like Boo’s.

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