One Pair Of Booties

Baba was told he was having a baby sister just before Mother’s Day. Most of my presents were for Rhianna Lily as well as me that Mother’s Day.

I got a great big bag, all in pink for Rhianna’s things.

A cd for myself.

A coat, an all in one and a pair of booties for Rhianna

His little face when he gave it to me lit up

He was so proud of himself and had chosen things by himself.

He was so looking forward to his baby sister.

He could not wait for me to open my presents

Everything I opened he told me it was for Rhianna Lily

Such a proud big brother at such a young age.

It was things at the time I loved.

I loved watching his face,

His smile

His joy.

But they quickly became things that I couldn’t look at anymore.

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