One Month

One Month

It is four weeks to the day since we landed in Hobart.

One half of my head is saying ‘Four weeks ALREADY?‘

The other half is saying. ‘ONLY four weeks? It feels like so much longer.‘

DorkyDad started his new job this week, so gone are the lazy mornings of lounging around in pyjamas with a second coffee. We are back to early starts and hurried bowls of Special K before he has to dash for the bus. How nice it’ll be if we’re lucky enough to find a house for the longer term that allows him to walk to work again, feeling the seasons on his face rather than watching them through a window.

We are glad that it is Friday. Tomorrow we take DorkySon for a much-needed haircut, and an assessment at the swimming pool to see what kind of lessons we need to enroll him in. In between times we might have a wee dander around the docks, and lunch at the Harbour Lights.

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