Once upon a time

Once upon a time

I love reading.

I get excited at the prospect of a new book. There was once a time when I had to put a spending ban on myself, as I would often walk into a book shop just to 'browse' or walk down the book ailse in a supermarket and leave with two or three books.My earliest reading memory is my mum reading me the Spot books by Eric Hill and My little pony.

When I started to read by myself, the first book was an Enid Blyton Omnibus. I read that book over and over again. I read it while I ate my breakfast, I read it before I went to bed. The poor book is battered, hot chocolate stained but gosh is it loved. I found it recently and it pleased me no end to read it to my little princess. I read a chapter a night to her and she listens and asks questions. This just makes me bursts with happiness that she not only likes the books that I enjoyed as a child, but also enjoys reading.

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