On writing: and the truth about time

On writing: and the truth about time

Time. It’s a precious commodity isn’t it? We’re always looking for more of it, trying to make it, hoping it might slow down or speed up.

The last month or so have been particularly lacking in it for me. I’m always busy, to be honest that’s the way I like it, but the last few weeks? Well, it’s been a bit much even for me. First there was the rewiring, then the landscaping in the back garden started. Then a week long business trip for my husband, leaving me on my own. Then my husband arrived back, with his parents. Then I flew to the UK for five days… Since my return from the UK we’ve had a farewell dinner out with my in-laws, swim classes (times four), a birthday party, a Scout event, a trip to the airport, a school project to finish and a visit with friends. All in the space of four days.

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