On maternity leave

On maternity leave

Last Friday I finished work - I am officially on maternity leave. I planned to finish on the 23rd December but I just wasn't coping. The commute, getting up early, getting back late, the cold and working was just getting too much. I stressed as to what to do - I didn't want to let work down but at the same time, I needed to look after myself. Hence why I have been so quiet on the blog, in the evenings I am too tired to do anything other than cook dinner and shower! I do feel so much more relaxed now I am home. I am 34 weeks now and I really cannot fathom that there is only up to 8 weeks left before baby Choudhry appears! So.very.exciting!!!!!

It is weird being at home in the day, I am not bored yet but I have to do lists that I give myself everyday and I am determined to stick to them. Plus, I plan on going swimming twice a week or going for a walk to keep my exercise up too as well as doing some yoga and practicing my breathing.

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