On enjoying life; "everything doesn't have to be perfect"

On enjoying life;

Sometimes I worry that this blog is starting to become a form of birth control. On and on I whinge and moan...oh god, we're so tired, the place is such a tip, the kids drive us crazy...blah, blah, blah.... I feel now is the moment to rectify this. For one thing, my sister will never feel like having kids unless I start to put more of a positive spin on it. I think my little ones could do with some cousins one day! Second of all, 'tis the season to be jolly and count one's blessings.

Christmas is the perfect time to really enjoy children because, as I see it, Christmas is all about them. It is the story of a birth, a new beginning, a new life. A story about people coming together around children, as they tend to do at Christmas. The house with the little ones is usually most popular because it is where the magic and excitement is. Yes, some people like a sedate affair with champagne flutes and a grand dinner and white napkins but really, screams of delight and a bed full of melting chocolate coins are just better.

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