OMG it's One Direction!

OMG it's One Direction!

By 3pm on Friday the air was heavy with hormones, perfume and diesel fumes as coach after coach disgorged crowds of over excited teenagers. Yes, it was just a few hours to go until the first of three One Direction concerts, and everywhere I looked the faces of Niall, Harry, and the others stared out at me from a thousand pink and white T-shirts.

In case you don't know by now, I live about a mile from Croke Park, one of Ireland's largest sports stadiums. When we moved here there were only a handful of matches a year, but now they're held almost every weekend from April to September, and when there's no matches, there's concerts. This does not please many of the residents, and I know that those who live in the shadow of Croke Park have to put up with a fair bit of anti social behaviour. Don't tell anyone, but we actually enjoy most of these events, especially since parking restrictions were introduced on our road and others nearby.

Smiley loves all the excitement, and the colour and the noise, and my son occasionally joins us to sample the burgers or hot dogs...

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