Old Year, New Year

Old Year, New Year

As we settle into that weird spell between Christmas and New Year when all that's left in the Quality Street tin are the crappy ones nobody likes, I think lots of us start to reflect on the past year. So here is 2013. Plenty of good times, but also plenty of grief. A mixed bag of a year really.

Losses- We lost my Mother-Out-Of-Law to cancer at the beginning of the year. She was not quite 70, and would have loved another decade to watch her grandchildren grow. Then by the end of summer my 90 year old Grandad's health started to decline. After a few weeks of up and downs in hospital, even being ready for discharge at one point, he sadly died at the end of October. We will continue to miss both of these much loved members of our family.

Gains- About 10lb. Which is a pain, because I was actually virtually back at my pre-pregnancy weight at the beginning of the year. My love affair with biscuits put pay to that, but hey ho, there is always another Monday to start another diet on right? - See more at: http://www.rocknrollmum.com/2013/12/old-year-new-year.html#sthash.Rsr0dRYI.dpuf

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