Ola From 2AwkwardMoms!

Ola From 2AwkwardMoms!

Ola From 2AwkwardMoms!

I know right? I am too free. Ok free only when the husband is not in town and when I have too much caffeine intake in my system and then I start to have too much ideas in my head hahaha.

2AwkwardMoms is about the experiences and thoughts of +Milla Jalal and me as mothers.

Milla is a single mom of 2 and me playing a mother for 2 years, I am still on a noob level. But then again; different stages, different parenting styles and different people play different mothers so nothing is the same. There is really no right or wrong (unless it is hazardous) to parenting.

Two different mothers (even though we have been called out looking like sisters/twins) with a totally different perspective on life and motherhood.

What are the similarities of me and her?

We laugh at every little thing. Even in the state of depression and breaking down, we laugh. We laugh when we almost drowned in Phuket one time. Tsk. We laugh at our misery. We laugh at our stupidity. We laugh when we tripped and fall.

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