Oh You Pretty Things #2 – Heirlooms

Oh You Pretty Things #2 – Heirlooms

As a family we spent every Saturday night at one set of grandparents or the other. My parents were very lucky indeed to have the ability to head out most Saturday nights and then enjoy big family Sunday lunches cooked by one of my Grandparents the following day. And we kids were lucky too. Being able to spend time with your grandparents, being mollycoddled and treated is a precious thing indeed.

I have special memories of them all – from glacier mints stolen from one Granddad, while the other made us milkshake treats from glass bottles of syrup. A Nan who was wonderful with craft and another who worked in a cake shop. All children should have a Nan who works in a cake shop, she would bring home yesterday’s cakes as a treat for us all, and her tabards smelt of sugar and fresh bread. All sadly passed now though I was lucky enough to make it to 40 before losing my Grandchild status. The objects I am sharing today have no value other than to me. They are the tiny treasures I chose to keep that remind me of being a child in my grandparents homes.

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