Oh I do like to be (heavily pregnant) by the seaside!

Oh I do like to be (heavily pregnant) by the seaside!

Do you remember a little while ago I wrote a post about how to take to take your own photographs during pregnancy? Well, as fate would have it, while I was writing that post I was contacted by Marie Donn to see if I fancied doing some maternity photos with her.

Marie is a proper photographer and does gorgeous lifestyle shoots so of course I said yes. And then the panic set in. I am not a supermodel. I am a normal woman, in my early thirties, living in Essex. Generally, I am quite happy with the above facts, but when you realise that someone is going to take pictures of you, being as normal a woman as you can be while heavily pregnant…. well, I was a little bit worried.

Thankfully, when I met Marie last week she was as calming as I could have hoped for. She’s pregnant too, so understands that you want to look nice, round but not huge, natural and not, as I keep being told by random strangers last week ‘really big’. (Note, I did put them straight. Politely, but possibly not as politely as I could have.)

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