Oh Gloves, where art thou?

Oh Gloves, where art thou?

I am not by choice a gardener who wears gloves. I like to feel the plants on my bare hands and I am just too clumsy when I have gloves on. Nor am I am not worried about having non-perfect nails. However that said, there are certain times when glove wearing is a necessity, like when digging through the stinging nettles that have invaded part of the fruit patch. But where oh where gloves art thou? I searched where should have been - the polytunnel, I looked where they often are - the boot rack and I widened the hunt to a few other places they have ended up - the feed shed and all my coat pockets. No gloves. But in the process I did find another pair so off I trundled to locate my fork and a wheel-barrow. These I am pleased to say were where they should have been.

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