Official Hello and Welcome to Little Boris

Official Hello and Welcome to Little Boris Did you guess? I'm sure you did with my Sunday picture hints. I've got a brand new baby brother called "Little Boris"

Here he is at 8 weeks old on his very first day with us, he looks so small and cute next to me and my favourite toy Chunky Monkey, sadly Chunky Monkey is no longer with us because Little Boris decided to kill him, he pulled his head off and pulled all of his stuffing out **sobs**

I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for that crime, he then went on to do the same thing to my other toy Mr Cat, in fact I think he may have killed all my stuffies in the 6 weeks he's been living here.

Boris now has lots of Nylabone toys and a Kong to chew on and do as he wishes with, any toy I don't want him to destroy lives upstairs with me. This'll make you laugh, it did me when I found out. Boris isn't allowed upstairs or to sit on the sofa with us at

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