Octonauts Party for Normal Non Crafty Parents

Octonauts Party for Normal Non Crafty Parents

I’m not crafty. I don’t care how many times someone says I am, I’ve just realised that there are varying grades of craftiness.

I’m pretty awful, but what makes me different to the ones that comment on how great something looks is that I attempt to have a vision, I’m skilled at googling, I use twitter for help and I do what I can and accept my limitations. THAT is why I can bring to you how I made an octonauts party without spending 20 days preparing for it. All my mistakes are here for you to read. I’ve also given you links to stuff online. I think that helps alot. It’s all fine and well saying what you did, but if you then can’t find anything on google, then it’s a headache.

I have been looking at various things online (if you want a proper crafty guide then check out this post from Knitty Mummy) and had established that I wanted to try a cake and put up some decorations. I figured that was about all I had time for on the day of the party (a 3pm start.

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