Oaty Banana and Raisin Bites

Oaty Banana and Raisin Bites

I wasn’t sure what to call these.   Are they cereal bars, cookies or biscuits?  Well, bars usually have a more regular shape, biscuits are more crunchy, and cookies are more like cookies.  So, I’ve gone with ‘bites’ in the end.   It describes them perfectly – small chewy clusters of oats, held together with sticky banana and raisins and then baked in the oven.

I don’t really need to write any more because that is exactly what these small sweet treats are.   They have just three ingredients: banana, oats and raisins and are incredibly easy to make.   In fact they are the perfect snack to bake with young children.   My two-year old loved mashing up the banana, stirring in the oats and then…

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