Nut and Cranberry Biscuits

Nut and Cranberry Biscuits

Some recipes are made after days, weeks even, of  thinking and planning.  You get it into your head you want to try something and you think about the flavours and textures you want to create.  You imagine how it’s going to taste, you buy the ingredients and choose a suitable time to make it – a day when you have the right amount of time the recipe requires, a day when above all, you are prepared.

Other recipes are not planned at all and just forced upon you by circumstances almost beyond your control.  That was the case with these biscuits.  Little Miss Spice demanded to make them.   I tried to distract her with dolls houses, drawing and lego.  I hoped it would work.   On this day, it did not.   She could picture those biscuits.  She knew we had cupboards full of ingredients to make them – butter, sugar, plain flour.   Yes, even a 2 year old knows what goes in biscuits.  She also knew that I was trying to distract her and she was not going to let me have the satisfaction.

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