Nursery Reveal

Nursery Reveal

I am very pleased to finally share our baby girls nursery reveal. It’s less than a week to my due date now and I am gradually working my way through my to do lists (catching up on blogs I need to write being one of the items on my list). I’d be happy for the baby to arrive any time now but equally I am not feeling so uncomfortable that I am getting irritated. Who knows how long I’ll be feeling calm, but as the baby moved further down I am feeling more able to breath and eat!

As you can see above, when we first moved in, the nursery was a beautiful shade of pale pink. Perfect for a baby girls nursery any normal person might think. ( Truth be told, it is such a pale colour I hadn’t even realised it was pink until I got the keys.) Needless to say I wouldnt normally be one to choose pink for a baby girls nursery anyway. So, initially thinking the walls were white, I set about finding the perfect paint colour for the room and was set on having a light turquoise.

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