Nun-Night One Year Old

Nun-Night One Year Old

To my gorgeous boy,

It was a whole year ago that I wrote you this letter and I would never have believed how much can change in just 52 weeks. You are now a walking, talking toddler with the cheekiest smile and the most beautiful eyes. You are a fantastic big brother, including Archie in everything you do and you love to make him laugh. You are still and will always be, my baby, but you are growing up before my eyes.

Your language has come on so much in the last year and you are now talking in sentences (non-stop if we are at home). The baby talk is slowly phasing out but you still mispronounce the odd word and I love to hear you speak. You know your colours, shapes and numbers and have an obsessions with puzzles. You let us know your mind and it is wonderful being able to communicate with you so well now.

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