November saw us visit a magical wonderland with hidden surprises. England’s most elegant 18th century landscape garden is home to a crystal grotto. Hundreds of thousands of crystals including calcite, gypsum, quartz and fluorite have been used to re-create what is an extraordinary folly.

Stalactites hung from the ceiling and the walls sparkled with crystals. It’s said on a still day ‘nature’s mirror’ can be seen inside the crystal grotto.

We took POD to her first firework display, a spectacular show watched by 17,000 people. The torchlight procession was an incredible sight.

We’ve really been able to appreciate Autumn this November. POD has seen conkers for the first time and she’s loved seeing leaves change colour.

Alongside this aura of calm and tranquility comes reflection and panic. In November 2010 I was 8 months pregnant with POD. I remember that time like it was yesterday and the anxious feeling of being a mum-to-be.

November always passes by so quickly, everyone is counting down to Christmas. If I had my way, I’d like to slow it right down. Just so I can reminisce in the period that led to our Christmas Day baby being born.

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