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Nottingham In the Spotlight - The Ana Mum Diary

I am already a convert to the Hotter Shoes concept, you can read my first Hotter Shoes Review HERE. However I bought mine online, and I have never been into the store. So I was very intrigued to see what I found, when I was recently was invited.

Firstly the store…

The Nottingham branch is bright and airy, but had a very homely feel, with comfortable chairs and seating areas, fresh flowers, the staff knowledgeable and friendly. I arrived midweek, it was a cold and wet day, and yet the place was buzzing with people, men and women browsing the shelves and being fitted for shoes. Even though the store was very busy, it was spacious and I didn’t feel rushed. It is a well placed store, in the centre of Nottingham, near Marks and Spencer’s, on Lister Gate – 1-3.

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