Nothing to hold but the memories and frames

Directed to the lifts, which were the size of a very small broom cupboard we proceeded to take the lifts two at a time. The scariest thing happened as Kelila and I got into the lift. At first it wouldn't move, the doors kept opening and then just as we were about to give up, it moved....then stopped. The doors opened and we were face to face with a blank brick wall, no way out! Thankfully, the lift 'readjusted' itself and took us to the floor we were needed to be on. As there was six of us we had six rooms, and although we initially asked for all of our rooms to be on the same floor, this wasn't the case. Instead we got two rooms on the second floor and one on the third and told we wouldn't be able to change it until the morning. There were also no remote controls available for the air conditioning and were told once again to wait until the morning. We just about melted that first night.

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