Notes from the Monte Carlo Rally

Notes from the Monte Carlo Rally

To tie in with the Rallye Monte Carlo, which took place last weekend, today's post is written by my great friend and motorsport enthusiast, Sally Higgins. Despite living close to Monaco I'd never been to the Rally. It's not really my kind of thing but Sally, my go-to for anything motorsports, came to stay at Lou Messugo for a few days and offered to show me around and write about it for me. Amongst other things Sally has worked for Rally Australia organising events across the world and has driven around the Andes with Carlos Sainz. She's ridden an ancient Russian motorbike across the northern highlands of Vietnam and driven a solar-powered car from Darwin to Adelaide! More recently, she just got back a few days before from working on the Dakar Rally in Argentina and was in full rally-mode. Quite the expert!

Guest Post by Sally Higgins, motorsport enthusiast

It is more or less agreed that the Rallye Monte Carlo was the first official car rally ever to be held. This year, the 2015 Rally was the 83rd edition, which means that it started almost as soon as cars were invented.

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