Note to Self: Sometimes Tough Love Can Backfire

After three weeks of chaos at home with the girls, I'd concluded that it was time to be completely hands off with the parenting and let my daughters get on with their lives in their own sweet and inimitable way. My daughters are after all nineteen years of age, have been at university for an entire term and even though I have missed their company, I can't pretend that I haven't enjoyed the peace. It has been a shock having them home; the house has throbbed in time to the latest chart downloads, I have missed a lot of sleep and as for the trail of chaos - don't get me started! I should point out that I love them unconditionally in case you were wondering. They are fun and lively and secretly, I think I quite enjoy living in a madhouse.

Meanwhile, as Olivia had visited Sophia at uni before Christmas, plans were afoot to reciprocate after New Year. Packing commenced late on Saturday night and I resolutely kept out of it - thinking only that the things they left behind would be their problem. How wrong can you be as a mother?

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