Not Ready To Loosen The Apron Strings

Not Ready To Loosen The Apron Strings

Syd reaches the grand old age of two and a half in a few weeks time. My baby is not a baby anymore but a little boy. He is due to start pre-school after the next half term. It will only be for 2 afternoons a week, a grand total of 5 hours. And I am not ready. preschool He probably is. He loves playgroup and is a sociable soul. I expect there will be some tears, at least from me. It will be a new thing for him. Apart from the occasional night out or trip to the cinema with one of the older kids, he doesn’t spend an awful lot of time out of my company. It will be strange for us both. Despite having done this twice before, I am still struggling with the idea of leaving him with strangers. Strangers to both him and me.

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