Not Going Grey Gracefully

Not Going Grey Gracefully

I found my first grey hair when I was 25-years old.  Closer examination revealed clusters of silver strands across my crown and decorating my hairline. I panicked, attacked the brightest of the bunch with a pair of tweezers, then rushed out to buy a home colour kit to tackle the rest. I have been hiding my true colour behind a bottle every 6-8 weeks ever since.  I do know people who have opted to go grey gracefully and they look incredibly elegant and striking, but I have not quite reached that stage of acceptance yet. I have experimented with deep red, honey blonde, warm brown, very dark brown, very light blonde, highlights, lowlights and orange/yellow stripes.  The latter being a mistake that resulted in months of colour correction treatments and a slow, expensive return to my natural shade of brown. It was then that I made the decision to stop colouring my own hair at home. For many years, I enjoyed regular salon visits to have my ‘natural’ tones restored. My best kept secret is the white stripe that lurks beneath the glossy golden brown mane.

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