Not a yummy mummy

Not a yummy mummy

Babies things and feeling sexy as a woman don't really go with each other don't you think? I keep hearing about women talking about being "Yummy Mummy" after having babies but it's not really like that.

I had problems loving myself and considering myself sexy before having babies and as you can imagine things are a lot worse right now. I don't think that sleepless nights, continuous feeding, sore boobs and baby vomit can really make a woman feel a "yummy mummy" don't you think? Maybe if we all had nannies to help us 24 hours things will be a little bit different but if you are not a celebrity or movie star you will still have to deal with mummy things. Women like Posh Spice and Jennifer Lopez got so fast into shape and so toned because they looked after themselves at least 80% of the time. If a normal woman had the same help at hand - nanny, personal chef, supervised diet and exercise things will be different. A couple of days i asked some of my fellow friends a question that is been bugging me for a while - what makes them feel sexy?

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