Normandy Floral Displays: Condé-sur-Noireau

Whilst I have been very busy in the garden this week, I have never once remembered to take any photos so for this week's How Does Your Garden Grow I thought I would give you something a bit different. Condé-sur-Noireau is one of our local towns. During WWII it was pretty much completely decimated by allied troupes advancing after D-Day, with little more than the church spire left standing after liberation.

After the war, the priority was to get towns such as Condé rebuild as quickly as possible and so the buildings tended to be more practical than architecturally beautiful. There were advantages such as improved services and wider roads but overall Condé is not one of Normandy's most stunning towns. But what it lacks in building beauty, it works hard to make up for in it's floral displays:

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