Nordic Ware National Bundt Day 2013 - Giveaway!

Nordic Ware National Bundt Day 2013 - Giveaway!

My name is Rachel and I am a Bundt-o-holic. My house is full of bundt pans. They take up most of my kitchen, my dining room and much to my husband's delight, they now also reside in his study. 

If you've never baked a bundt before, now is the time to have a bash. They are the ultimate friendship cake because they are large enough to share, and cut into lovely uniform pieces. They're moist, have a wonderful sugar crust, and come in an array of flavours and shapes. I make a bundt every month for my Clandestine Cake Club, and over the past couple of years have coached probably hundreds of you to make the perfect bundt. 

If you fancy having a go, perfecting your skills or trying a new recipe, there are lots of hints and tips on my Bundts on the Brain page, including my Build-a-Bundt recipe creator.

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