Nordic Parenting

Nordic Parenting

Do you let your baby sleep outside in the cold ?

Do they go to nursery in the woods ?

Do you travel around by bike and trailer ?

NO ?

Then you need to read all about the Nordic way of parenting.

We took a short break to Copenhagen with our children in October and I have been meaning to blog about it since. We enjoyed our holiday and it is a very family friendly city which I would recommend visiting with children aged 5 or older. There are lots of museums, a great aquarium and the Tivoli Gardens to visit. It is very friendly and most people speak english well.

We were suprised at how many big, old fashioned prams there were on the streets and at how many were left outside with babies in them. I was particularly alarmed by the babies in trailers on the back of bikes which looked fairly unsafe to me ! The Nordic countries have a reputation for being more laidback in their parenting approach, and a bit more liberal in general so thought I would take a look at their culture.

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