No snow toboggan

No snow toboggan

It was Ben's birthday recently and last weekend we wanted to do something to help him celebrate. Having recently written about thrill seeking in Normandy we felt we should give the birthday boy something new to get his adrenalin pumping. But what?

Horse riding - he's currently doing this at school

Mountain biking - nope - not thrilling enough for him

Car rally - not old enough

Kayaking - been there, done that.

Rock climbing - another one he's done and to be honest it was a bit wet.

Via Ferrata and zip wire - could do but he has already done this.

Tree top walks - well this was a possibility but Ben had other ideas. Simon had picked up a leaflet recently about the Luge at Souleuvre. The what? Ah well, luge is the French for toboggan and last year AJ Hackett who run what can best be described as a thrill centre at the nearby viaduct of Souleuvre opened a railed toboggan. So for Bens' birthday we went:

No snow tobogganing!

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