No Ordinary Thermals

No Ordinary Thermals

This time of year I never quite know what to wear, it’s not yet warm enough for my woolly tops and jeans or tunics with leggings and Uggs or other boots, but it’s a bit too cold for a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans or a thin cotton jumper or cardigan.

Last year before going skiing I was looking to get some new thermal layers, I had heard everyone raving about the Uniqlo ones so I decided to have a look. I know I might be a bit late to the game but they really are great. These are not your traditional thermal vests, they’re fashion items. I bought one of their long sleeve Heattech tops, as I would wear it for breakfast whilst away I decided to get a patterned one and I’m so glad I did as since then I have worn it loads and not just as an under top, but with jeans and trainers or shoes instead of a regular cotton long sleeve t-shirt.

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