No more babies!

No more babies!

There is a time when you know that enough is enough.

I have four beautiful children.  I am very lucky and my life is certainly full enough as a result of having them.  

After A and a fourth Caesarean section, we were told in no uncertain terms that there were to be no more additions to our little family.  We talked about it.  I was shattered and was adamant that there would be no more.  

Eighteen months later, I had a twitch, an urge.  Maybe there was a way round it, I knew that medically it was a risk, but maybe it would be worth it.  Like most ideas though, when I thought about it in the cold light of day, I knew that it would never happen and financially it would be a disaster too.

So I put that idea in the 'no way' box and buried it away.

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