Nina Baker - Quite Frankly - Music Review

Nina Baker - Quite Frankly - Music Review

Ever since I received the preview copy of Quite Frankly, the debut album of Nina Baker, I have been listening to it almost constantly. Especially in the car on a trip to Switzerland last weekend, which could be described as two journeys rolled into one. Playing an album so much is what I do when it really touches me. And that is what Nina’s pure voice combined with great musicianship does.

Nina Baker attended the BBC Introducing Master Class 2013 and MTV’s Brand New for 2013, the unsigned competition she registered for five minutes before the deadline, not thinking anything would come out of it. She took the second place, out of about 200 contestants. Both events provided her with many contacts and gave her a lot of exposure and publicity. For the past three years, the young artist has been building up a faithful fan base through her live performances, networking and social media presence...

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