Nice Carnival 2014 - a photo essay

Nice Carnival 2014 - a photo essay - The Lou Messugo Blog

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to go to Nice Carnival 2014. Under the bluest of blue skies we spent a fun afternoon watching the the creative, witty and satirical floats pass by united under the theme of gastronomy. Being our 5th or 6th time at Carnaval we recognised some of the regulars - the roaring dragon, the confetti seller who comes to the school fête, the OGCN (Nice football team) supporters with balloon boobs, the man dressed as a caveman hauling a ragdoll around, the Italian flag throwers - we felt like real locals. As always the floats represented contemporary issues and cultural icons. Amongst others Angela Merkel could be seen devouring Portugal, Spain and Greece. François Hollande sat on top of a pile of stinking "Holland's cheese" representing unemployment, taxes and retirement age. Mother Theresa could be spotted along with Coluche and the "Restos du Coeur" and the famous chef Paul Bocuse was portrayed Shiva-style with 8 arms surrounded by Buddhas.

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