NHS Direct- Where are You?

NHS Direct - Where are You? When Pickle had those early signs of appendicitis and I was supicious that that was what it was, I reached for the phone at 11pm at night.

It had only been 4 years earlier when I had been a regular caller to NHS Direct. They were a godsend to a new mum. Especially one with a little baby girl who was ill on a very regular basis. I consider myself to be quite sensible but some things that a 1 year old “gets” can be a bit leftfield. How much is too much sick? At what temperature does a trip to A&E become the right option? Intense shivering? A strange rash? I had no idea. Thankfully other people did.

So instead of heading off for a 100 appointments at my GP or driving my baby girl to the A&E department I rang a very nice man or woman on the NHS Direct line and they talked everything through with me, reassured me and most importantly, told me the trigger points for taking it seriously and seeking further help. I must have called them 10 times in Pickle’s first 2 years of life. I never once went to A&E.

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