Newborn Essentials – everything you need when having a baby!

Newborn Essentials – everything you need when having a baby!

Having a baby is both a daunting and exciting time. Changes to your body can be scary and some find the pressures of pregnancy hard to cope with, while others are lucky enough to sail through having that ‘glowing’ look throughout. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with my second child and have certainly found pregnancy harder to bare the second time.

Juggling a toddler, business and new home take their toll by the end of the day! With my first pregnancy I was also super organised and had my baby list organised well in advance with many items bought for the nursery and my hospital bag packed! This time I have just realised I have not done anything – of course I have Jack’s old furniture and clothes but have been rather complacent with regards to everything else thinking I never needed that much really… But I’m convinced that this baby will be early so I have done some research and created that all important newborn checklist!

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