New York, Here I Come!

New York, Here I Come!

I am off to New York tomorrow, leaving the Greek God(zilla) with the solo parenting gig for 6 whole days. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I am off to NYC tomorrow ALL BY MYSELF?!  Well, not by myself as in actually by myself.  I am travelling with a friend and we will be staying with another, but this is the longest time I will have ever been away from my family. This in itself has taken more planning and organising than your average world leadership summit. When the Greek God(zilla) was in Davos earlier this year, he simply informed me he would be going, booked a ticket and packed a bag.  The same process will no doubt apply when he travels to Brazil for the World Cup later this year. Before I booked my ticket, I first had to make sure that the Greek God(zilla) thought it was his idea and then agree to work from home for a couple of days to cover the school run.

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