New Year's Revolutions.

New Year's Revolutions.

I am not resolving, I am revolting.

I don't want a New Year, New Me- I quite like the old me- I have been working for 40 years to achieve this level of imperfect but happy disarray, and I am not about to chuck it all out and start again.

I will not be partaking in your snake oil diet prescriptives. Yes, I need to lose weight - No, I don't believe your ridiculous claims. Move more, eat less- it is that simple- you just need to be in the right frame of mind for it. Which I am not, I am in the frame of mind for eating the many boxes of chocolates in the house post Christmas, and for plates of steaming hot comfort food. I will get back to you about my spare tyre in about March, when I may give more of a shite about it. - See more at:

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