New shoes and snailmail from Sandie

New shoes and snailmail from Sandie

Eighteen weeks ago, I bought a new mobile Phone and started posting pictures on Instagram. I loved this new app immediately! I saw so many great pictures of vintage fabrics, glasses, vases, cups and saucers, knitting and crochet projects and lots of snow in Sweden (here in the Netherlands we are still waiting for some white dots). Very soon I got my first followers and many of them come from Sweden! (Is Sweden a vintage country? Well, they have a magazine called Retro….) But of course, here in the Netherlands lots of people are also in love with vintage and retro items. Like Sandie Jalalian! And it happens to be that I was here 250-th follower on Instagram and to celebrate that milestone she send me some great snailmail! My very first snailmal and I was pleasantly surprised! Look what she has send me!

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