New photography projects

New photography projects

There are three new photography projects kicking off on PODcast from May that will allow all us budding photographers the chance to explore our creativity.

They focus on developing particular skill sets as well as looking at photography in different ways and learning new techniques from inspirational photographers.

The Macro Photography Project - The #macrophoto project will be live every Saturday. Macro photography fascinates me so I’m looking forward to experimenting with close-ups, seeking inspiration from the more experienced and sharing what works.

The B&W Photography Project - Tuesday will be the #bwphotoproject which is all about experimenting and improving black & white photography. The emphasis will be on discovering what images work well in black & white and how to achieve the best results.

The Alphabet Photography Project - The #alphabetphoto project will be every Wednesday, kicking off with “A is for…” and working through the alphabet. The theme can be interpreted in a different way each week.

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