New life in old pots

New life in old pots

This has been a very low-input week for us gardening-wise; we’ve been decorating Lily’s bedroom which has sucked up all potential outdoors-in-the-frosty-sunshine time. To make matters worse, after wrestling with a wonky stepladder I’m now the proud owner of a badly cut finger which means no ‘proper’ gardening for a few days. Not happy!

Anyway, after feeling sorry for myself for a bit I finished my seed order, which got me fired-up for getting out there and getting on with it.  I love how a bit of planning and looking at lovely pictures of flowers can transform your motivation, even if you do have to stick a freezer bag over your finger before getting your hands mucky!

I decided to stay with low-key jobs and planted up some pots for the kitchen windowsill.  I have a bit of an obssession with old terracotta pots; they are so hard to find and I’m always on the lookout for them.  My mum-in-law Penny has had to put up with me rambling on about them for years now, and for Christmas she gave me these….

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