Never mind work, never holiday with kids

Never mind work, never holiday with kids

Mrboosmum went on holiday, and I, being the lovely person that I am (what I really mean is – being the person who did not get to go on holiday this year and is stuck at home and has nothing to do with her life), have volunteered to write her a guest post. I was going to write a really moving one about how to explain to your child that he has a disability. It was supposed to make you all cry and feel sorry for me and rush over to my blog to comfort me. No, I am not above the sympathy vote. BUT, what happened was that on the one hand my child refused to talk to me about it; he declared he has glasses and a hat not because of his Ocular Albinism, but because he loves them, and could I please stop kissing him? And on the other hand Mrboosmum is not really enjoying her holiday, and needed a pick-me-up. So, I will try and not say I-told-you-not-to-put-too-much-pressure-on-yourself, even though everybody knows that we Jewish people (me. I have no idea about Mrboosmum’s religious affinity) thrive on a good I-told-you-so, and that will

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